written on 20.09.2018

UK Pharma Report September 2018


The UK, despite myriad uncertainties around Brexit, still stands as one of the world’s premier life science investment destinations. With heavyweight medical science infrastructure and a reputation for elite-level innovation, the key industry stakeholders featured in this report explore how the nation is attempting to re-position itself; noting both the challenges and the opportunities of a unique situation.

Some of the main topics covered in HCLS Review UK 2018 include the implications of the government’s ambitious ‘Life Sciences Industrial Strategy’ and subsequent ‘Sector Deal’ with industry, the multinationals committed to continuous investment in British R&D, as well as the inimitable UK NHS and how it interplays with the country’s innovation ecosystem.

Other key issues examined within are the prominent role played by British medical research charities, the ‘catapult’ organizations set up to propel innovation forward, the continuing attractiveness of the UK as a manufacturing base, as well as a regional focus on what the country has to offer both inside and outside of the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Oxford, Cambridge and London.

This report features the contributions of NHS England CEO Simon Stevens, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health Lord O’Shaughnessy, the country managers of Roche, Novartis, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca, as well as a host of other actors across the innovative biotech and cell therapy spectrum.

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