written on 07.02.2018

PharmaBoardroom Releases ‘Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Switzerland February 2018’


PharmaBoardroom today releases its new 51-page Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Switzerland 2018.

Building on our two recent reports on Switzerland, this special Part III edition of Healthcare & Life Sciences Review casts a broad eye over the myriad of niches and specializations within the sector in which Switzerland and Swiss companies excel.

Notable topicalities include Novartis Oncology’s ground-breaking CAR-T therapy based on the exclusive insights of Bruno Strigini; how SwissMedic – the country’s pharmaceutical regulator – is leading the world in terms of regulatory innovation; the story of Actelion’s acquisition by J&J and the subsequent emergence of a new entity – Idorsia – led by the inimitable Jean-Paul Clozel; Switzerland’s emergence as a destination for elite-level outsourced manufacturing; and the country’s embrace of digitally disruptive technologies throughout the pharmaceutical value chain, as evinced by SwissPost’s use of drones for drug deliveries.

Based on the insights of leaders and pioneers across the pharmaceutical value chain – from regulators to global affiliate heads and the founders of innovative local SMEs – HCLS Review Switzerland 2018 paints a picture of a country and an industry very much at the forefront of global innovation.


The report features in-depth interviews with:

  • Petra Doerr, Swissmedic
  • Bruno Strigini, Novartis Oncology
  • Marc Funk, Lonza
  • Vicky Levy, Deloitte
  • Marc Hasler, SwissPost
  • Cristina Marti, Indukern



“Many national regulatory bodies are just now getting to grips with tools for reliance initiatives whereas I am proud to say that Swissmedic has had a legal basis for reliance on scientific assessments since as far back as 2002”

Petra Doerr, Swissmedic

“We have witnessed all sorts of unprecedented M&A activity in the CRO segment. We have seen competitors teaming up with data and technology firms, sweeping consolidations and venture capitalist vehicles getting involved as well”

Jonathan Koch, Covance

“Convergence is occurring across different areas of science, technology, biology and IT. The onus is on the pharma industry to embrace this change and leverage it”

Bruno Strigini, Novartis Oncology

“A whole new market segment is materializing pertaining to cancer supportive care … cancer can increasingly be regarded as a chronic illness because many patients are surviving the acute stage”

Saad Harti, Legacy Healthcare

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