written on 05.04.2017

PharmaBoardroom Releases New CEE Pharma Report


PharmaBoardroom today releases its new 34-page Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Special Report: Central & Eastern Europe 2017.

This special report offers companies, investors, policymakers, and stakeholders crucial insight into Central and Eastern Europe (CEE): a dynamic region, located strategically at the crossroads between Western Europe and the East, that has largely recovered from the global economic crisis of 2008 and is forging a formidable reputation for itself as a high-expertise, low-cost destination for the healthcare and life science industries.

The report features in-depth and exclusive facts and figures on the region’s macroeconomy, healthcare systems, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in-depth exclusive interviews with leading figures from public institutions and private companies, as well as comprehensive articles offering a snapshot of what the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary have to offer respectively to global investors.

Featured countries

  • Czech Republic
    • Czechia: A Regional Role Model
    • Zentiva: A National Icon
  • Slovakia
    • Not to be Underestimated!
    • Why Invest in Slovakia?
  • Romania
    • Raed Arafat: A Man on a Mission
    • Contract Manufacturing: Romania’s Secret Weapon
  • Hungary
    • An Innovation Nation
    • Hurdling Hardship


“In the Czech Republic we have the right balance between sophisticated regulations in terms of transparency and quality, while being one of the fastest countries in the CEE region to grant market access

Jakub Dvoracek, AIFP

“In the macroeconomic perspective, Slovakia today displays all the characteristics of a modern, successful, liberal market economy”

Vladimir Masar, Deloitte

“[Romania’s] local producers offer competitive and more affordable prices compared to the rest of the EU and yet our quality standards are equivalent to and, in some cases, even superior due to the modernity of our factories.”

                Radu Cazacincu, Magistra C&C

“Hungary is no longer just a low-wage target country for investment, where assembly and manufacturing are carried out”

Peter Szijjarto, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade

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