written on 14.11.2017

PharmaBoardroom Releases New ‘Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Ukraine’


PharmaBoardroom today releases its new 48-page Healthcare & Life Sciences Review Ukraine 2017.

This report offers companies, investors, policymakers, and stakeholders crucial insight into the rich ecosystem of pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine, based on in-depth interviews conducted with leaders and pioneers across the value chain, from government representatives, the international organizations now in charge of Ukraine’s public procurement, country managers of the leading biopharmaceutical companies that have remained in Ukraine, as well as representatives from local SMEs and service providers.

Ukraine has hit the headlines in recent years for the geopolitical and military strife that has beset the Eastern European nation, followed by a deep economic crisis. Although conflicts are not totally resolved in all corners of the country, a new era of economic growth and possibility seems to be around the corner, thanks in no small part to a reform-minded and adaptable administration, with healthcare and the life sciences at the frontline of the government’s regulatory push.


The report features in-depth interviews with:

  • Tetyana Dumenko, SEC
  • Petro Bagriy, AMMU
  • Eugene Zaika, Acino Pharma Start
  • Volodymyr Redko, APRaD
  • Filya Zhebrovska, Farmak
  • Natalia Zago, Takeda
  • Dmytro Popov, Elfa Group
  • Tetiana Korotchenko, Crown Agents


Themes covered in the report include

  • Regulatory Updates – Reimbursement and Public Procurement
  • Ukrainian Manufacturing
  • R&D Investment Prospects
  • Patient Access
  • Local Pharma Strategy
  • MNC Strategy
  • Cosmetics
  • Contraception


“I am still confident that we are on the right track if the government can prove it is reimbursing effectively”

Petro Bariy, AMMU

“We have now reached a critical point where deeply reforming our health system has become a vital necessity”

Victoria Tabanova, Wörwag Pharma

“Since the deep economic crisis started, the Ukrainian market has been characterized by a soaring demand for low price products”

Vladimir Tkachenko, Amaxa Pharma

“Ukraine still holds more than 20,000 points of sale and a very high number of points of sales per capita”

Taras Velgosh, Adamed

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