written on 28.02.2014

Shanghai to host Global Pharma Congress 2014


UBM China and CPhI will be hosting the Global Pharma Congress 2014 between 28 and 29 May in Shanghai.
The summit will bring together CPhI Global Resources and display three influential conferences under one roof.
Quality by Design (QbD) has been the consensus of the pharmaceutical industry. Due to increase of APIs and formulation export, it is necessary for pharmacy to master the methodology of QbD. Also, challenges from new GSP by CFDA and EU GDP influence the whole pharmacy supply/cold chain and drug distribution.
At present, coverage of pharma cold-chain has reached 10 percent in China and nearly 20 percent drug quality problems are related to it, cold chain technology improvement is very urgent. Moreover, how to realize product differentiation and enhance research and commercialization level by making use of the latest DDS and formulation strategy has become an urgent problem for pharmacy.
Application of new technology like sustained/controlled release, nanoparticles and new material implantation also inspire on industry.
Due to the success of two years pharma QbD, four years Pharma Supply Chain and four years Pharma Cold Chain and 4 years NDDS, CPhI Conference will do the portfolio management of these pharmaceutical events.
The three hot topics will be included in it and this event will make connection of different departments/functions of drug manufacturer. It is a good opportunity to accelerate communication of pharmaceutical industry and promote industry interaction.