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Spain Pharma News Roundup: Almirall/EpimAb Biotherapeutics Deal; Insud Pharma India Site
Noura Al Ghaithi – Undersecretary of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi
Joong Myung Cho – Chairman & CEO, CrystalGenomics, South Korea
Yeul-Hong Kim – Director, K-MASTER, South Korea
Mengchu Wu – CEO, Health Genetech, Taiwan
Luis Serrano – President, Centre for Genomic Regulation CRG), Spain
Gene-modified Babies in China Highlight Regulatory Concerns of CRISPR
NHS launches a new era of genomic medicine
David Atkins – CEO, Congenica, UK
Bruno Soares – CEO, Coimbra Genomics, Portugal
The Four Top Tech Disruptions in Pharma
Interview: Sir John Chisholm – Executive Chair, Genomics England
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