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Interview: Mariano de Elizalde – General Manager, Sandoz Mexico
Interview: Florent Darchez – General Manager, Servier Mexico
Interview: Lucia Frzonova – General Manager, Wörwag Pharma, Czech Republic & Slovakia
Interview: John P. Kennedy – Country Manager, Pfizer Czech Republic
Interview: Heidrun Irschik – CPO Head & Country President, Novartis Czech Republic
Interview: Claire Roger – General Manager, GSK Hungary
Interview: Dr. Éva Kádár – Managing Director, Wörwag Pharma Hungary
Interview: Dr. Attila Lukács – Managing Director, CSL Behring Hungary
Interview: Abramo Brandi – Managing Director, Octapharma Italy
Interview: Guillaume Clément – Président France, LEO Pharma
Interview: Anne Marie Noir – President, Laboratoires Asepta, France
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