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Faisal BinDail – General Manager, Baxter Saudi Arabia
Basel Al-Qahtani – General Manager, Boston Scientific Saudi Arabia
Dan Staner – VP, General Manager Germany & Switzerland and Head of the Middle East Region, Moderna
Jérôme Cabannes – CEO, SPIMACO
Ahmed Aljedai – Chairman, SPIMACO
Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Funds Continue Pharma Investment Push
Mohamed Mostafa – CEO, PDC-CRO
Mohamed Mazen Batterjee – Co-Founder & Managing Director Saudi Arabia, Aumet
Ismail Shehada – CEO, Tabuk Pharmaceuticals
Halal Pharma: Immense Market Potential
Maher Abouzeid – Managing Director, MedServe Medical Investment
Mazen M. Hassanain – Co-Founder and Managing Director, SaudiVax
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