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Jacques Vernin – President, FACOPHAR Santé
Stanley Huang – Founder & Managing Director, Nutrarex Biotech, Taiwan
Mohsen Shalaby – President, Nerhadou International, Egypt
Regulating Botanics: A Bespoke Approval Model For Herbal Medicines?
Interview: VS Reddy – Founder and Managing Director, British Biologicals, India
Interview: Gaurav Aggarwal – Founder & CEO, ‘OneLife’, a consumer division of Lasons India Pvt Ltd
Interview: Satish Varma – Managing Director, Fermenta Biotech
Natural Products and Supplements in Serbia: A Growth Spot
Interview: Patrick Kalona – Director, Phytochemindo Reksa, Indonesia
Interview: Alexandra Sologub – Managing Director, Liktravy, Ukraine
Interview: Yvonne Huang – Vice President, Aquavan, Taiwan
Interview: Christian Beltrametti – CEO, Linnea, Switzerland
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