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Hassan Boubrik – Director General, National Social Security Fund (CNSS), Morocco
Mathilde Lignot-Leloup – Director, Direction de la Sécurité Sociale, France
Mohammed Azman – CEO, PERKESO, Malaysia
Interview: Alexander Biach – Chairman, Hauptverband (Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions)
Interview: Habib Toumi – CEO, National Social Security Fund, Tunisia
Interview: Vesela Karaivanova – Deputy Governor, National Social Security Institution (NSSI), Bulgaria
Interview: Robert Sauermann – Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs, Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions
Interview: Dr. Hasbullah Thabrany – Chairman, CSSUI, Indonesia
Interview: Sigit Priohutomo – Chairman, National Social Security Council of Indonesia (DJSN)
Navigating Healthcare Budget Cuts in Mexico
Interview: Romain Schneider – Minister of Social Security, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
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