written on 20.02.2014

WHO confirms new H7N9 cases


Even as China reported eight new cases of H7N9 earlier this week, the World Health Organization has posted two updates on these cases.
WHO’s first update spoke of the new human cases of H7N9 Avian Influenza and the other one spoke about the infection in a Chinese traveler to Malaysia. This, the WHO said was the first case of H7N9 to be detected outside China.
It added that all of the recently infected patients in China are male, aged between 8 and 84 years. "All of them have a history of exposure to live poultry. Three are hospitalized in critical condition, three are listed as severe, and one patient-an 8-year-old boy-has a mild infection. Illness onset dates ranged from Jan 28 to Feb 6," the WHO said.