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Albert Denoon – Owner, Baroque Medical, – Board Member, SAMED; Jeff Hampton – General Manager, Baroque Medical, – Chairman, SAMED, South Africa

Albert Denoon HeadshotJeff Hampton HeadshotAlbert Denoon (AB) and Jeff Hampton (JH) illustrate how the Crossroads and Campbell Institutes, two non-profit organizations funded by Baroque Medical, are well positioned to address South Africa’s current gaps in medical training. They also depict the key success factors that have allowed the company to become the leading distributor of cardiovascular devices in the country, and how the industry can stand to benefit from further regulation.

What were the initial aspirations in targeting this market niche when you created Baroque Medical in 1994?

AD: We started in 1994 as a distributorship from my own home actually. We’ve been in business now just over 20 years, and we’ve grown significantly. With the initial focus on high quality cardiac intervention products, I established a partnership with an American company called Advanced Cardiovascular Systems (ACS) that was based in California, USA. Over the years they became know as Guidant, and then subsequently got bought out by Abbott Vascular. We have been distributing and selling their products ever since.  Having been apart of this industry for so long, We have experienced the whole spectrum of cardiac care from basic intervention to the drug-eluting absorbable era that we’re facing today. With the change in lifestyles and the trends in urbanization, there is a growing burden of cardiac disease afflicting a large portion of the population, and outside of HIV/AIDS, it’s probably the fastest growing disease burden throughout Africa. With that said, we’ve also assisted with reaching patients beyond the South African borders. We have a small, but effective sub-distribution network that not only covers the SADC region, but other areas with active cardiac centers such as Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, and Tanzania.



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