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Meeting US FDA Standards Across the Board in India

In a context where even well-established, multi-billion-dollar domestic companies have received warning letters from the US FDA, quality compliance has clearly become strategically important across all layers of Indian organizations, including formulation and API companies as well as both B2B …


AI at the Bedside: Digitalizing Clinical Decision Making

Much has been written on the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to change the way in which healthcare is conducted around the world, from expanding access to care in remote regions to increasing the efficiency with which patient data is …


Brexit: A Serious Threat to Patients

As the UK extracts itself from the European Union, key figures from the country’s life sciences sector are split on the implications of Brexit for their industry. “The UK pharmaceutical industry and the patients who rely on it are under …


Malta: The Next Powerhouse in Medical Cannabis?

One area in which the island nation of Malta has been a first mover in embracing disruption has been its controversial entry into the global cannabinoid market. The medical cannabis market within the EU is expected to be worth USD …


Quality Compliance in Indian Pharma: The Learning Curve

One issue grinding the gears of the Indian pharmaceutical industry over recent years has been quality compliance. With a number of pharma manufacturers the recipients of warning letters from the US FDA, increased regulatory scrutiny has caused some consternation, but …


Regulating Botanics: A Bespoke Approval Model For Herbal Medicines?

Herbal-based medicines or botanics have attracted strong attention around the world as part of a growing consumer enthusiasm for natural products, and in the face of a ‘prescription cascade’ in which severe side effects from combinations of classic medicine are …


Robotics: Changing the Face of Drug Discovery

While the automotive and electronics industries, among others, have been relatively fast in adopting robotics, pharma has been lagging behind. However, as the technology available becomes more advanced, flexible and affordable, robotics now stands as a pivotal element to helping …


The Cannabis Companies Behaving Like Biotechs

While many Canadian medical cannabis outfits cover the entire value chain, from research and development through to manufacturing and distribution, others – such as Canopy Health and Tetra Bio-Pharma – are taking their cues from the biotechnology industry and strictly …


The Four Top Tech Disruptions in Pharma

In May 2018, PharmaBoardroom’s readers were asked what they felt were the biggest new sources of disruption to the traditional pharma industry today. Options included 3D Bioprinting, blockchain storage, genomics and artificial intelligence. 3D Bioprinting As Figure 1 (below) shows, …


Canada’s Cannabis Pioneers Go Global

As Canada’s emergent medical cannabis industry develops at home, several of the country’s leading companies are seizing opportunities abroad to sell their products, collaborate on research, and establish their nation as the industry’s global leader. A Global Leader in Cannabis …


China’s Greater Bay Area: Spearheading Innovation

Guangdong province and neighbouring Hong Kong have long been fundamental to China’s metamorphosis into an economic superpower. Notable as one of the country’s most open and dynamic regions, the Pearl River Delta (PRD), as that area previously used to be …


Not so Valeant After All

Valeant Pharmaceuticals has taken the decision to rename itself in an effort to distance the company from a series of pricing scandals that occurred under previous CEO J. Michael Pearson. Following the loss of nearly 93 percent of its value, …




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