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Anita Ordog – Managing Director, Angelini Hungary

Anita Ordog - Managing Director, AngeliniAnita Ordog, GM of Angelini Hungary, discusses the affiliate’s history in the country, their expanding OTC and specialty products portfolio, targeted marketing and sales strategies, and Angelini’s challenging entrance into the Hungarian pharmaceutical market.

To begin, could you share some insights into your background and tell us how you came to lead the Angelini affiliate here in Hungary?

I am an economist, so my focus has always been on understanding and growing business. Originally, I was the sales and marketing director here at Angelini, and two years ago I was promoted to managing director while still overseeing my sales and marketing portfolio. These responsibilities allowed me to be active in the restructuring process as well as the development of our long-term strategies. During this time, we faced many challenges as it was in 2010 and we were managing the first round of austerity measures. It was an extremely difficult situation to be reorganizing a company, but we knew the direction that we were going. Here in Hungary we had a lot of difficulties that other countries did not have, and we set up the organization according to this situation. It was a crucial moment for us, we had to be very realistic and always adjust to the market. We started our business at the time with pharmaceutical products, for example Trazodone in CNS, which is one of our own molecules, as well as other therapy areas, including pain and cold and flu. This portfolio was developed in accordance to the needs and potential of the market. Our ability to adjust and adapt to market changes is one of our greatest strengths.



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