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Energy Boardroom

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Jaime Chico Pardo – President & CEO, Grupo ENESA, Mexico

13.03.2017 / Pharmaboardroom

UntitledPresident and CEO of Grupo ENESA, Jaime Chico Pardo breaks down the private capital fund’s core investment pillars—centered on active management and driving long-term value—while elaborating on the flourishing opportunities where technology and healthcare intersect, and how this marriage serves to close Mexico’s encroaching healthcare gaps.

Jaime, can you start off by describing the factors that motivated you to create Grupo ENESA?

What we sensed at that time was the opportunity to be involved in two key sectors of the economy, while invoking longstanding expertise and skillsets. The need for more private sector involvement was apparent. Additionally, we’re now entering an age where technology and healthcare is becoming increasingly intertwined, and simply cannot be ignored. The advancement of technology was a key determination factor in setting up this shop, especially because of our backgrounds and interest.



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