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Marianna Konstantinidi – General Manager, CSL Behring Greece

14.03.2017 / Pharmaboardroom

Marianna Konstantinidi, general manager Greece & Cyprus, CSL BehringCompassion resonates through the voice of Marianna Konstantinidi, General Manager of CSL Behring Greece, Malta & Cyprus, as she speaks about the resilient and patient-centric operations of the Greek affiliate. She graciously shares her views regarding her first impressions of the plasma market, the challenging environment in Greece, as well as navigating the market of the future with agility and heart.

Ms. Konstantinidi, having only recently assumed the position of General Manager for Greece, Cyprus & Malta, what are your first impressions of the Greek plasma market in the last year and half (especially in comparison with the commercial roles you have held at big pharma)?

The plasma market differs significantly from the conventional pharma market. What is unique about the plasma market is that its raw material is finite, which impacts the capacity for the production worldwide. It is difficult to produce at a very high volume and rate at the global level – which vastly differs from conventional pharmaceuticals. A challenge in the plasma industry is that for certain products the global demand is greater than the global supply, which is universal challenge for the global markets as many countries are essentially competing to have sufficient supply for their patients.



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