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Stella Koukaki, Theodore Panagopoulos, Panagiotis Panagopoulos – Management Team, PharOS, Greece

123The management team of PharOS discuss the company’s move from generics consultancy to co-developer, surviving in the Greek market, and internationalization plans.

Founded back in 2002, PharOS has gained a formidable reputation as a pharma development company for bringing best in class generics products to market and prolonging their life span. Could you please start by introducing the company and the main milestones in PharOS’ evolution?

We started out in the early 2000s primarily as a pharmaceuticals consultancy company and, as such, were very much a first-mover and one of the first Greek companies of our kind. Back then, the Greek pharma market was already heavily populated by indigenous generics manufacturing entities and the affiliates of multinationals, but there was no player to offer product development assistance and regulatory support. We therefore identified a market gap to set up a company offering training and product development and regulatory affairs guidance.



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