Largest Paediatric Oncological Centre in Europe to Open its Doors


After five years of raising funds, the Sant Joan de Deu (SJD) Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona, the largest monographic paediatric oncological centre in Europe will open its doors on June 16.

The new facility, which was financed uniquely by donations, is part of the larger SJD hospital on the outskirts of Barcelona.  The SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona will bring together under a single roof the healthcare services aimed at patients with developmental cancer, as well as provide spaces dedicated to research and will be able to treat over 400 patients a year.

The centre will offer multidisciplinary, super-specialised, highly complex and comprehensive care and boast a molecular oncology laboratory specialising in the genetic characterisation of these tumours, which will provide more personalised and appropriate treatment based on genetic abnormalities. Apart from this, SJD will also provide precision diagnosis including molecular diagnosis, diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine.

The highly specialised team from the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital’s Oncology Department will staff the new facility.

“What a great project that is about to materialize and what a great honor to be part of it,” said Guillermo Chantada, SIOP President Elect. Scientific Director, Fundacion Perez Scremini-Hospital Pereira Rossell and Hospital Austral and Consultant for the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu.

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