The latest LatAm pharma news, including COVID-19 vaccine rollouts in Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico as well as legal and regulatory updates on the status of medical cannabis in the region.


COVAX initiative begins in Latin America with 117,000 Pfizer vaccine doses for Colombia (Spanish)


At least 13 Latin American countries have changed laws and regulations to permit the purchase of COVID vaccines between September 2020 and February 2021 (Spanish)

During this period, 23 new laws, regulations and decrees were approved that granted financial indemnity and confidentiality to vaccine manufacturers. A number of these changes were included per their requirements. All of the vaccine procurement contracts signed by Latin Americans are confidential and almost no country reported the prices at which the vaccines were purchased.


Brazil could approve Russian coronavirus vaccine in days, says Brazilian pharma firm União Quimica plans to produce it

So far, less than eight per cent of the country’s 210 million people have had their first shot


Medicines scarce and expensive in Mexico due to COVID-19 (Spanish)


Mexico authorizes remdesivir to treat COVID

Mexico on Friday approved the anti-viral drug remdesivir for emergency use treating COVID-19 patients in the Latin American country, one of the worst hit by the pandemic.


Spanish Faes Farma strengthens presence in LATAM with the purchase of Guatamalan Global Farma for USD 30 million (Spanish)


Colombian Ministry of Health Calls for International Export of Dry Cannabis Flower

In a recently published letter from the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection to the President of Colombia, related to Law 1787 and Decree 613, the Ministry calls for modifications that would allow for the exportation of dry flower.


Mexico: On the Brink of Becoming the World’s Largest Cannabis Market

Last Wednesday, the lower chamber of the Mexican Congress approved a bill that would legalise recreational marijuana. With a population of nearly 130 million people, Mexico would join Canada and Uruguay as the only countries to legalise marijuana at the national level in the continent and it would become the world’s largest legal market.