A Menarini Pharmaceuticals Ireland Ltd

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: A Menarini Pharmaceuticals Ireland Ltd
Monkstown Farm
Co Dublin,Ireland

Tel: 353 1284 6744

Web: http://www.menarini.com/

Company description

Besides Italy, where Menarini is one of the leading pharmaceutical groups, sales are mainly concentrated in Europe: Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Switzerland. Menarini has now reached important positions in Eastern and Central Europe where it ranks no. 6 in the total market of this region including: Russia, Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Czech Rep., Romania, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Hungary, Slovak Rep., Uzbekistan, the Caucasian countries, Albania, Moldova and ex-Yugoslavia. Menarini is the leader on the market in the Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus and ranking no. 2 in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Products and services

The Menarini Group is present in the most important therapeutic areas of greatest importance, including:
cardiovascular products
astro-intestinal productsantibiotics/respiratory system productsdrugs used in diabetes
anti-inflammatory agents/analgesics
and many others.Menarini is present in these therapeutic areas with numerous products that are representing up-todate therapeutic solutions for physicians and their patients. Given the lenght and complexity of our product list, individual lists for each country can be found at the relative company site, currently under preparation.
Menarini has been one of the first companies to have taken advantage of European decentralised registrations. Over the past nine years as many as ten products have been registered with this method. As proof of the quality of the products and of the registration dossiers presented, seven products were simultaneously registered in all Community member countries, which is quite a rare event.
In the international pharmaceutical market, today Menarini is a highly experienced company in new product registrations within the European area.


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