AstraZeneca Turkey

Last updated: 01.06.2015

Address: Büyükdere Cad. Yapı Kredi Plaza, B Blok, K:2-4, 34330 Levent – Istanbul / Turkey

Tel: +90 212 317 2300


Company description

Since 1999 with the mission to produce ideas that add value for the life of people spend their lives working for better quality, and performs a lot of research, AstraZeneca, has been undertaking major projects in Turkey within the framework of social responsibility . AstraZeneca to gain awareness of first aid at a young age, ‘First Aid’ project TOÇEV throughout Turkey and in conjunction with the Ministry of National Education conducts. Investigating the effects of socioeconomic and environmental factors on human health and will continue for 10 years, ‘Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology’ ‘PURE’ gold sponsor of the research all over the world. Continued under the leadership of our country, METSEND’in approximately 3000 people were included in this project. not only the disease-causing diseases, and investigating the causes and environments that support the work of public awareness in order to eliminate these causes, AstraZeneca, ‘Fast Forward-fast-forward’ approach, using the maximum to produce beneficial drugs, the patient needs to provide the most appropriate solutions and business processes through the developing world to adapt the driving force attack is considered.

Products and services

AstraZeneca, research, development, prescription drugs, production, marketing and presentation of these services in the field, one of the most important international companies. Volume of $ 33 billion health care and chest infection, cardiology, gastroentereloji, oncology, central nervous system and leading position in diabetes care products offered by area is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies



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