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In view of the need for an inter-agency task to carry out the promotion of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical high-tech industries, in November 1995 the Executive Yuan approved the key points for establishing the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Program Office (BPIPO, MOEA). In February 1996 the BPIPO was formerly established to implement and promote the biotechnology industry’s development policy and act as a bridge for communication, coordination and integration among agencies. In December 2001, The Executive Yuan’s One-Stop-Service Office for the Biotechnology Industry was established under the BPIPO, with the office being responsible for the integration and coordination of local organizations involved in the various biotech-related approval and application processes, to build up a sound development environment for the biotech industry. The Director of the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA acted as convener of the Program Office and formed a committee including the heads of the Executive Yuan’s Department of Health; Environmental Protection Administration; Council for Economic Planning and Development; National Science Council; Council of Agriculture; Science & Technology Advisory Group (STAG); Committee for the Development Fund; Department of Industrial Technology, MOEA; Intellectual Property Office, MOEA; and related government agencies; and representatives, academics, and experts from major research organizations and industry to form an inter-agency promotional organization.

Products and services

The role of the Program Office is to serve as a window for the exchange of vital information between domestic and foreign industry, and to aggressively promote investment in Taiwan. In so doing, the Program Office hopes to accelerate the upgrading of Taiwan’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and promote Taiwan to become an R&D, manufacturing and operations center for the Asia Pacific region, and furthermore to forge ahead to establish a global operations center.


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