Deva – Turkey

Last updated: 29.11.2018


Deva, a local and rooted pharmaceutical company, has been operating in Turkey since 1958. With 3 production plants and approximately 1800 employees, Deva produces and markets drugs for human use, as well as APIs, veterinary drugs, colognes, and medical vials. It offers products in 13 diversified therapeutic areas ranging from oncology to cardiology, from respiratory system to nervous system. In addition, the company provides syrups, drops, sprays, creams, gels, suppositories, aerosol inhalers, tablets, film tablets, capsules, powder suspensions, and medical ampoules. Focusing on R&D, Deva develops innovative new forms and products of high added value at its R&D centre with a competent team of approximately 170 scientists.

With its growing international operations, Deva has around 300 licenses in many countries including EU countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and UK through agreements with pharmaceutical firms and distributors under the Deva brand name, as well as through license agreements; and provides contract manufacturing services. Deva Holding A.S is a subsidiary of EastPharma S.a.r.l.

Contact Details
Deva Holding AS
Halkali Merkez Mah. Press Express Avenue KÜÇÜKÇEKMECE / ISTANBUL
Tel:0 (212) 692 92 92 (PBX)
Fax:0 (212) 697 00 24


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