Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Rua Barão de Petrópolis, 311,Rio Comprido – Rio de Janeiro – RJ,Brazil

Tel: (+55 21) 3293-9500


Company description

After achieving strong participation in the international market with established factories in Canada and in Malta, the Arrow Group sought to establish guidelines for new operations. Aiming at grater participation in the Latin American markets, Arrow settled in Rio de Janeiro in 2001. Conjointly with that initiative, there was also the differentiation of the brand: Arrow – abroad, and Erowlabs – in Brazil.

The building which had hardored the headquarters of a traditional research center founded in 1949, now is a modern laboratory, totally approved by ANVISA, where approximately 60 employees work. The investments were centered on the modernization of the factory and of the building, and on the Quality Assurance Laboratories. It has a built area of 2,240 square meters and monthly production capacity of about 10 million tablets / capsule.

With MHRA’s (body which regulates the medications and health products of the European Union) approval in 2005, Erowlabs prepares itself to export its first product to Europe. Another important conquest was the obtaining of the Good Manufacturing Practices certificate issued by ANVISA. This certificate grants excellence in manufacturing pharmaceutical products to th company, reaffirming our socially responsible positioning.

Erowlabs possesses its own laboratory for the performance of Pharmaceutical Equivalency Tests and Dissolution Profile (REBLAS – Brazilian Analytic Health Laboratories Ntework)

Products and services

Erowlabs’ mission is to improve the quality of life of people, making products of various therapeutic classes available and accessible to the population.



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