Herba Chemosan

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Haidestraße 4, 1110 Vienna,Austria

Tel: +43 1 401 04-0

Web: http://www.herba-chemosan.at/de/home/index.jsp

Company description

The Herba Apotheker-AG, with a market share of 43% not only the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and service provider in Austria, but also has the highest level of dynamics. Seven companies form over Austria’s densest logistics network for the provision of drugs and health products. They guarantee fast operations and simplified work processes and thus for better quality control and higher deliverability. But the stock range comprises more than 42,000 articles. Several times a day we serve over 1,000 pharmacies, doctors and hospitals. In addition, the Herba Group offers its customers to support a comprehensive portfolio of services in the areas of marketing and organization. Nearly 1,000 employees contribute to the success of the company. Since 2000, the Herba Apotheker-AG is part of the German Celesio AG based in Stuttgart, whose majority shareholder is the Franz HANIEL jr. GmbH , headquartered in Duisburg.

Products and services

Herba is the industry leader in pharmaceutical distribution. Almost every second drug that is delivered in an Austrian chemist on Tara, comes from one of our seven distribution centers. In addition to the largest assortment of drugs and health products, we offer our customers special ranges and other services in the areas of raw materials, kits, pharmacy IT and through our subsidiary Sanova on its own assortment line.



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