Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Ul. Puławska 17 02-515 Warszawa

Tel: 48 22 852 82 30


Company description

INFARMA is the Employers’ Union of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies in Poland

INFARMA represents 30 leading pharmaceutical companies operating in Poland that conduct research and development and produce innovative drugs including biotech products. INFARMA is a member of EFPIA and IFPMA, international associations of innovative pharmaceutical companies. INFARMA’s goal is to put forward initiatives that help create systemic solutions for the healthcare system. Such solutions should allow patients to take advantage of the most modern and effective therapies so that Polish treatments are on par with global standards.

Products and services

The most important tasks of the Employers’ Union of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies include also those aimed at bringing further order to the drug market in Poland. They include the implementation of clear drug registration procedures and rational reimbursement principles. Moreover, INFARMA has initiated the introduction of ethical norms in respect of drug promotion and advertising. The organization also strives for the compliance with respective legal rules in that area.



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