National Health Insurance House of Romania (CNAS)

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Calea Calarasilor 248, Bl. S19, Sector 3, 030634 Bucuresti , Romania

Tel: +40 0800.800.950


Company description

The National Health Insurance House (CNAS) is a public institution, autonomous, of national interest, with legal personality, whose main activity is to ensure consistent and coordinated operation health insurance system in Romania.

Products and services

The main tasks of CNAS:

– ensure, supervise and control the social health insurance system;
– manage the unique National Social Security Fund health with health insurance houses, institutions under the Emergency Social Fund under the Government.

150/2002, as amended and supplemented;

– approve the annual budgets of income and expenditure of health insurance funding under the law and, where appropriate, with the ministries and central institutions,
– negotiate criteria for quality of care,
– participate in national auctions organized by the Ministry of Health in order to purchase drugs and sanitary materials,
– secure and control respect the right of the insured medical services, medicines and sanitary materials without discrimination under the law;
– ensure, monitor and control the dispensing;
– participate in the accreditation of medical services, medical devices and drugs that can be admitted to work in the social health insurance system;
– provide free information, advice and assistance in health insurance to insured persons, employers and healthcare providers.



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