P&K Skin Research Center – South Korea

Last updated: 22.12.2014

P&KFounded in November 2010, P&K Skin Research Center was established to provide scientific and systematic technical support and information according to various customers’ demands about clinical tests for developing new ingredients as well as functional cosmetics and quasi-drugs. P&K Skin Research Center started through a strategic alliance with Daebong LS Ltd, which is the only company manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical and cosmetic and healthy functional food ingredients, and Chung-ang University Research Center for Medical Scieces, which was the first research center to own a general hospital in Korea.

P&K Skin Research Center is equipped with facilities that meet not only the KFDA and EU guidelines but also US standards. Through analyzing all functional stroma and protocol from physical through to chemical inspection techniques for pharmaceutical ingredients, and through 30 years’ history of Daebong LS, we clinically test efficacy of general cosmetic and functional ingredients and cosmetics in accordance with KFDA, EU and US guidelines. Through these scientific evaluations, we are trying to provide scientific technical support and information for consumer satisfaction about products directly applied to the skin.

We do our utmost to ensure scientific validity, objectivity and also transparency for efficacy and functionality evaluation with Daebong LS, which has abundant clinical experiences at manufacturing and analysis, especially for pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients, and our experts include a dermatologist of a university hospital who has various clinical test experiences.

Contact details:

City B/D 2F, 118-2 Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul 156-860 Korea

+82 2 6295 1501~3



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