Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: SymPhar Sp. z.o.o.
ul. Włoska 1
Warsaw 00-777
Poland ,Poland

Tel: (022) 822 93 06


Company description

We are a young Polish pharmaceutical company with Australian roots. We integrate the timeless values of both cultures for the benefit of patients and customers.

The original inhabitants of Australia believed that the kangaroo was a symbol of physical and spiritual strength and a guide who protected them and showed them the right way. We have used this timeless icon as our logo to demonstrate our strength, speed and determination, but at the same time as a symbol of our commitment to the right way, both in a strategic and ethical context.

SymPhar shows the way.

Products and services

SymPhar is a multidimensional company:

We cooperate with Polish and international companies in bringing the benefits of their products to Polish health care professionals, patients and consumers.

We assist smaller European companies with products filling valuable therapeutic niches in making their products available in Poland.

We supply our own products to the Polish market. These are products identical in composition, efficacy and safety to well-known “Big Pharma” products but at a much reduced cost. We don’t invest huge amounts in promotion, therefore we can provide these essential medical products at a price which suits the Polish pocket.


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