Vanquish Mexico

Last updated: 13.02.2014

Address: Blvd, Adolfo Ruiz Cortines No. 4249, Piso 2 Col. Jardines de la Montana C.P. 14210, Mexico

Tel: 01 800 6334 4505


Company description

Laboratorios Vanquish was started in 2003 and as a young company has successfully patented one active molecule for Mexico, the United States, and Europe, while also manufacturing and developing generics in the fields of CNS, cardiovascular, oncology and gynaecology. With a strong portfolio in both the public and private market in Mexico, Vanquish is moving forward and now exporting selected products to the United States, and also has manufacturing operations with a partner company in Brazil.

Products and services

CNS, cardiovascular, oncology, gynaecology, and dietary supplements



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