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Last updated: 30.07.2014

world-courier-logoWorld Courier is the leader in specialty logistics for global clinical trials delivering fully-integrated GxP-compliant temperature-controlled transport, storage and distribution solutions worldwide with 140 + Offices in more than 50 countries.

Products and services

World Courier delivers its specialized logistics services across the full “life cycle” of the clinical trial process, beginning with pre-trial coordination with biopharmaceutical companies, CTSs, CROs and Central Labs. The company then manages the logistics and transport of all trial materials, packaging, scheduling and routing. Once a trial is underway, World Courier assists with regulatory and permit issues and manages the import of bulk drugs and supplies and offers strategically located centralized storage depots. We can also handle the intra-country distribution from investigational drug storage depots to clinical trial research sites, coordinate patient sample logistics, and manage drug return and destruction procedures.


Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa
Rua Carlos Alves, nº 3 – 1ºEsq. e R/C

Tel: +35 1 218 411 120


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