The following chart shows the top pharma companies in Hungary ranked by sales value. Global giant Novartis leads the way with USD 240 million of sales, followed by domestic champion Egis with USD 150 million.  generic vs indicator companies in Hungary
This chart shows the varying levels of health literacy in Europe. Health literacy is a serious issue in Hungary where 19% of the population have ‘inadequate’ knowledge and 33% are rated as ‘problematic.’ BCT_HCLS_HUNGARY_graphs_1
Hungary’s medicinal biotech companies are clustered in the country’s four major university towns: Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged and Pécs, with the majority basing themselves in the capital, Budapest. BCT_HCLS_HUNGARY_graphs_4
This chart shows the number of healthcare professionals migrating from Hungary per year. While the numbers are not as significant as during the economic crisis, a significant proportion of Hungary's healthcare professionals are still leaving the country in search of better opportunities elsewhere. hungary-migration-of-healthcare-pros
This chart shows how favorably Hungary compares to its Eastern and Central European neighbors in terms of both the quality of its biotech sector, as well as the quantitative numbers of biotech institutes, companies and products that it can boast. hungarian-biotech