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Joao Carapeto – Country Manager, Roche Diagnostics Mexico
Hector Valle – CEO, FUNSALUD
Juliana Chan – Founding Director, GemVCare
HIV: Revolutionised Market Access
Five New Mexico Pharma Country Managers to Know
NHS Reform Front & Centre for New UK Health Secretary
Xueming Qian – CEO & Co-Founder, Transcenta
Spain Pharma News: Brookfield Bids for a Troubled Grifols; Rovi Gets Buyout Offers for CDMO Business
Tom LAU – Director of Corporate Finance & Xia JIN – CEO, Immuno Cure
Guillaume Delmotte – General Manager, Ipsen China
Yao-Chang Xu – Founder & CEO, Abbisko
John Luk – Chairman & Founder, Arbele
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