Basic Philippines country facts PHILIPPINES_GRAPH14
The Philippines is among the world's fastest growing economies. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH13
The Philippines' economic performance for 2016 was steady, with GDP up almost a whole percentage point on 2015. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH07
Most of the Philippines' wealth is centred in the capital Manila, with other, more rural areas, significantly poorer. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH08
The Philippines sits disturbingly high in the global rankings for crony capitalism, behing only Russia and Malaysia. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH16
The Philippines' economy is on a roll, with unemployment steadily decreasing and FDI net flows increasing overall. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH11
Despite generally positive economic indicators, the election of unpredictable new president Rodrigo Duterte in 2016 rocked investor confidence. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH18
Stock exchange transactions also highlight the investor jitters around Duterte's unorthodox policies and pronouncements. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH17
Philippines health coverage statistics for the end of 2015. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH03
Cardiovascular diseases account for 33 percent of all mortality in the Philippines, followed by communicable, maternal, perinatal and nutritional conditions with 25 percent, and other NCDs with 13 percent.PHILIPPINES_GRAPH15
The pharmaceutical industry makes a significant contribution to the Filipino economy, contributing USD 2.9 billion in 2014 alone. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH06
The Philippine pharmaceutical market by therapeutic area. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH04
Data on the launch of new medicines for major non-communicable diseases by year. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH05
The top pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines by revenue. Unilab leads the way, followed by Pfizer and Abbot. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH01
The top drug retailers in the Philippines by revenue. Mercury Drug is number one, followed by Watsons Personal Care Stores, and Rose Pharmacy. PHILIPPINES_GRAPH02