Slovakia Facts & Figures Snapshot

The basics on the country of Slovakia: name, date of independence, geography, population, currency, language, and capital.


Slovakia is well integrated into the international community, with membership of the majority of large transnational institutions.


Slovakia is located at the heart of Europe, within a short flight of almost every other European country, and with a competitive tax regime encouraging inward investment.


Slovakia is an important regional producer of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as evidenced by the below chart.


Slovakia’s pharmaceutical warehouses, as with most of the industry in the country, are concentrated in the capital, Bratislava.


Slovak public R&D infrastructure is predominantly located in Bratislava, but the smaller cities of Zilina and Kosice are also becoming thriving hubs.


Slovakia’s credit rating is one of the best in its region, bettering the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania.


Not only does Slovakia have one of the highest levels of labour productivity in Central and Eastern Europe, its economy is also outperforming the EU28.


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