Five of the key emerging trends in the booming global medical cannabis and cannabinoid medicine industries…


Patents: A Key Factor in Winning the Cannabis Arms Race

A new white paper from Fasken law firm asserts that the early filing of patents for innovative products is crucial for companies hoping to succeed in the booming North American cannabis market


The End of Free Sale of CBD Products in Europe?

Peter Homberg of Dentons Germany examines the regulatory status quo around the free sale of products containing cannabidiol (CBD) across Europe. Although deregulation efforts are underway, Homberg argues that the trade in these product….

Canada’s Cannabis Pioneers Go Global

As Canada’s emergent medical cannabis industry develops at home, several of the country’s leading companies are seizing opportunities abroad to sell their products, collaborate on research, and establish their nation as the industry’s global leader.

The Medical Cannabis Investment Landscape

David H. Crean, managing director for Objective Capital Partners, highlights the progress that has been made over the past year in investments in medical cannabis and the outlook for 2019.

Company Profile: GW Pharmaceuticals

Drug development in rare diseases is currently in a very exciting time. While much of the focus is on the scientific advances,  access to rare disease patients and well-designed clinical trials are also essential to evaluating new therapeutics. In this article, PJ Brooks, Program Director at the Office of Rare Diseases Research of the National…

The Cannabis Companies Behaving Like Biotechs

While many Canadian medical cannabis outfits cover the entire value chain, from research and development through to manufacturing and distribution, others – such as Canopy Health and Tetra Bio-Pharma – are taking their cues from the biotechnology…

Cannabinoid Drugs, Medicinal Cannabis and Opioid Drugs

The Pharma Legal Handbook: Medical Cannabis, Cannabinoids & Opioids answers essential questions about the legal and regulatory environment for medical cannabis, cannabinoids, and opioid drugs in 33 countries: Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, Uruguay and Venezuela .

Prepared in association with leading local law firms and consultancies, it is a must-have for any company operating in or looking to enter these niches in any of these countries.

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Medical Use of Cannabis in Portugal: Current Status and Perspectives

Lawyer Joana Silveira Botelho provides regular legal assistance to pharmaceutical companies and other entities of the health sector. Here she examines Portugal’s new regulatory framework on cannabis for medicinal purposes. 

Cyprus Joins the Cannabis Craze

In a move to capitalize on a global market projected to exceed USD 60 billion by 2024, Cyprus has joined a growing number of European nations in legally permitting the cultivation and provision of medical cannabis.

Global Medical Cannabis Regulatory Landscape

The global regulatory landscape for medical cannabis, showing the countries in which medical cannabis and cannabinoid treatments are legal / essentially legal, illegal but often unenforced, decriminalized, and illegal.

Israel’s Major Role in the Global Medical Cannabis Market

Saul Kaye of iCAN and CannaTech outlines a compelling case for Israel to be considered one of the world’s leading hostpots for medical cannabis; drawing on its R&D history, specific population needs, climate, advanced…

The Evolution of Medical Cannabis Legislation in Canada

Clint Sharples, CEO of Heritage Cannabis, gives a potted history of the medical cannabis industry in Canada, its current legal status, provincial variations in patient registrations, financial performance, the impact of COVID…

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