Patient Engagement in the Era of CAR-T

In recent years, the much-discussed concept of “patient centricity” has been top-of-mind across all corners of the pharma industry. This is especially pertinent now that many innovative drug makers are seeking to become much…

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Interview with Marc Boutin, Novartis

Rendering CGT Genuinely Patient Centric

Patient Engagement Roundtable: A Varied Global Picture

CAR-T and the Art of Managing Expectations

CGT, Real World Evidence & The Patient Experience


Long dismissed as the backwaters of healthcare innovation, the tremendous value of vaccines – the single most cost-effective health intervention after clean water – made itself starkly clear in 2020, as the discovery of a novel coronavirus quickly exploded into a full-blown global pandemic that rages on still. While billions have since been poured into vaccine development for COVID-19 and vaccine candidates have been developed and approved (albeit so far only for emergency use) at unprecedented speed, sector stakeholders are only…

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Interview with Etleva (Eva) Kadilli, UNICEF

R&D: An Expanded Playbook

Business Models and Market Access

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Population Helath: Access & AntiVax Challenges

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Cell and Gene Therapy

Once considered almost science fiction in medicine, personalised medicine is increasingly becoming a day-to-day reality for many patients. As innovative pharma continues to invest heavily in high-risk frontier research involving stem cells and the harnessing of a patient’s own immune system to attack…

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Interview with Stefan Hendriks, Novartis Oncology

Funding the Cell & Gene Therapy Boom

Reconsidering CGT Manufacturing

The Collaborative Spirit of Cell & Gene

RWE: Unlocking the full potential of Cell & Gene

Market Insight on Artificial Intelligence

The AI in Life Sciences Market was valued at USD 902.1 million in 2019 by Mordor Intelligence and is projected to expand at an impressive 20 percent compound annual growth rate in the period 2020 to 2024. Yet despite the massive hype and enthusiasm around artificial intelligence’s propensity…

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Interview with Christina M. Busmalis, IBM Watson Health

De-risking Drug Discovery with Artifical Intelligence

Rethinking Healthcare Provision with AI

Challenges to AI in Life Sciences

Life Sciences’ Growing Demand for AI Assets

Cell and Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapies are fast turning into a powerful engine of value creation for drugmakers and represent a paradigm shift in the treatment of some of the world’s most devastating and intractable illnesses. In the last five to ten years, for instance, we have witnessed innovative…

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Interview with Emanuele Ostuni, Novartis Oncology

The Power of Cell & Gene

The Scalability and Manufacturing Barrier

Making CAR-T Therapy Affordable

Taking Cell & Gene Mainstream

European Mid-Caps

European MidPharmas – R&D based pharmaceutical companies with annual revenues of between EUR 50 million and 5 billion – are having to be increasingly focused and resilient to succeed and fend off their inherent vulnerabilities according to a new report from specialist pharma…

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Feature: Olivier Laureau, Servier

European MidPharmas: Focused and Resilient, yet Vulnerable

Swiss Mid-Caps and Minnows: At the Vanguard of Creativity

Spanish Mid-Caps: Going Global

5 Top European Mid-Cap CEOs To Know


The reappearance of cannabis as a tool in our therapeutic toolbox comes at an important time when we have not witnessed any real advances in…

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FASKEN White Paper: Patents: A Key Factor in Winning the Cannabis Arms Race

Canada’s Cannabis Pioneers Go Global

Company Profile: GW Pharmaceuticals

The Medical Cannabis Investment Landscape

The Cannabis Companies Behaving Like Biotechs

Rare Diseases

Long regarded as a neglected backwater within the drug discovery landscape and the preserve of only a handful of niche players, the rare disease space has been undergoing an extraordinary turnaround in fortunes of late…

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Interview with Neil Dugdeal, VP & GM, UK & RoI, Sobi

5 Key Trends in Orphan Drugs & Rare Diseases

Rare Disease Company Acquisitions Continue Apace

Why Invest in Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs?

Rethinking Clinical Trials in Rare Diseases


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