European Mid-Caps

European MidPharmas – R&D based pharmaceutical companies with annual revenues of between EUR 50 million and 5 billion – are having to be increasingly focused and resilient to succeed and fend off their inherent vulnerabilities according to a new report from specialist pharma and biotech consultancy Novasecta.

Servier’s Olivier Laureau: Change Instigator

Not long ago, Laboratories Servier was considered a somewhat mysterious and opaque actor on the world pharmaceuticals stage. Privately owned, smaller and sleeker than many of its direct competitors, but nonetheless formidably successful, Servier has, for many years, been characterized by its discreet, understated approach and a rugged pragmatism and diligence in ‘just getting on with the job’ well away…

Swiss Mid-Caps and Minnows: At the Vanguard of Creativity

In view of the manifold hurdles encountered when attempting to raise capital, Switzerland’s medium capitalized entities and SMEs have grown adept at punching well above their weight. After the giants, Roche and Novartis, some of the larger companies in the Swiss pharma sector like Ferring and IBSA are privately held, and some have developed rather specialized strategies for driving impactful R&D with limited financial firepower.

5 Top European Mid-Cap CEOs to Know

Bringing together insights from the heads of some of Europe’s most prominent mid-cap pharma firms. The leaders of Ipsen, Genmab, Pierre Fabre, Esteve and Servier outline the strategic directions in which their companies are turning and how they are planning to ensure a successful future.

Pierre Fabre: Medicalization, Convergence & the Rise of ‘Onco-Dermatology’

Iconic French skincare specialist, Pierre Fabre has been enjoying a hot streak of late, with its dermo-cosmetics business registering hefty sales growth of more than EUR 350 (USD 392) million since 2014. It is, however, the company’s unique positioning right…

Spanish Mid-Caps: Going Global

Despite the Spanish economy and pharmaceutical market’s steady growth, many local players are becoming cognizant of the limitations and risks of operating within a single market. Therefore, these small to mid-cap local companies are taking the next logical steps in their growth; internationalization.

Top European Pharma Mid-Cap Ranking 2019

The European MidPharma Performance Ranking 2019 is taken from The Novasecta European Midpharma Report 2019, which examines how European mid-cap pharma companies are surviving and thriving. With scores assigned to R&D investment, commercial revenues and business development, this is a comprehensive list of the…


The Novasecta MidPharma Report 2019

In our fifth annual MidPharma report we examine these companies across corporate, R&D and commercial domains to delve into what makes them special, how the best are leading the way and why the sector needs to be alert to changing industry dynamics.

Top Interviews on PharmaBoardroom

David Meek – CEO, Ipsen

Ipsen global CEO David Meek provides a fascinating look into the French pharmaceutical ecosystem, Ipsen’s bold global expansion plans, its R&D transformation, and the exciting changes to come.

Gilles Pluntz – Chairman of the Group Operating Committee & Senior Vice President Europe-Canada, Ferring

The Chairman of Ferring’s Group Operating Committee and Senior Vice President Europe-Canada elaborates on how Europe can be the thinking engine for global pharmaceutical…

Denis Delval – CEO, LFB, France

Denis Delval, CEO of iconic French pharma firm LFB since December 2017, discusses his key priorities to build the new LFB.

Markus Sieger – CEO, Polpharma

Markus Sieger, CEO of Polpharma, outlines his global strategy for the company, focused on OTC and CHC, internationalization and a strong R&D strategy to push forward biosimilars. Furthermore, he highlights Polpharma’s digital approach and the company’s long-term vision for sustained success across the region.

Antonio Portela – CEO, Bial

Antonio Portela, seven years into leading the Bial operation in Portugal, shares his views on internationalization and how to maintain a stable company culture when approaching new and diverse markets. He discusses Portuguese market trends, future patent challenges and provides an intriguing insight into running a leading family-owned pharmaceutical…

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