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Alban Nérot – Managing Director, Servier Indonesia

20.04.2017 / Pharmaboardroom

IMG_0841Alban Nérot, managing director at Servier Indonesia, explains the transformational change of the Indonesian affiliate to ensure the sustainable growth of its business in the country as well as the importance of medical education to show to doctors and other healthcare professionals the benefits of innovative medicine.

Mr. Nérot, you were appointed managing director of Servier Indonesia back in March 2015. What was your assigned mission when you were appointed and what have been your biggest accomplishments during these two years?

When I joined the team in Indonesia the affiliate was facing difficulties in performing at the expected level considering that given the existing opportunities in the country; our business should at least be experiencing double-digit growth. Consequently, we decided to do a diagnosis of the situation to identify which factors were limiting our growth and, subsequently, implement a transformational model. Being able to adapt our operations according to latest industry trends has been one of the main factors behind our success in the country during the last two years of transformation in our Indonesian business.



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