Bhupendra Sangani – CEO, Galentic, India

Bhupendra Sangani, founder and managing director of Galentic, one of India’s expert manufacturers of sterile and non-sterile semi-solid products in the dermatology and ophthalmology arenas, provides insights into the international development of his ambitious company in 40+ export markets. In line with the recent set up of Galentic’s new manufacturing plant in Gujarat and the expected US FDA approval of the plant, he also documents the strategic partnerships he envisions in the coming years. Galentic was initially registered in 1992 – could you introduce the company to our international readers and describe its positioning on the global market?
"Within the next five years, our objective is to leverage the production capacities of our two plants to grow our sales from USD12 million today of USD45 million by 2023. In the meantime, we want to be seen as strategic partners by ambitious companies that are eager to leverage our international experience and manufacturing expertise."
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