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Interview: Tuğçe Koç – General Coordinator, Onko Koçsel – Turkey
Interview: Murat Çıtıroğlu – Business Development Director & Board Member, Ekin Kimya – Turkey
Interview: Erol Kiresepi – Chairman & CEO, Santa Farma – Turkey
Interview: Colin Sheen – Managing Director, Adcock Ingram Critical Care – South Africa
Interview: Radu Cazacincu – Management Board Member, Magistra C&C – Romania
Interview: Ersin Erfa – CEO, Centurion – Turkey
Interview: Orhan Mutlu Topal – Managing Director, Keymen Pharmaceuticals – Turkey
Interview: Mehmet Pisak – CEO, Imuneks Farma – Turkey
Interview: George Cretu – CEO, Enterprise Concept – Romania
Korean Pharma Companies Invest More In R&D and New Drug Development
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