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Luxembourg: A Healthcare Logistics Leader

Sound infrastructure, a prime location in the heart of Europe, government support, and an unwavering focus on quality are all helping make the tiny principality of Luxembourg a serious player in global healthcare logistics.

As a country with a population of less than 600,000 which covers an area smaller than that of both Hong Kong and Samoa, Luxembourg simply cannot compete economically with the majority of countries in the world in terms of volume. However, thanks to its prime location within Europe, a favorable tax and regulatory system, sound economic fundamentals, a highly-skilled multilingual workforce and the forward thinking of leaders in private industry and government alike, the world’s last remaining grand duchy is carving out an imposing reputation as a global leader in the field of logistics, with an increasing specialization in healthcare.

In terms of infrastructure, Luxembourg’s strengths include airlinks to every continent via CargoLux–Europe’s largest all-cargo airline–, rail connections to all major EU ports, dedicated logistics parks, and a new temperature-controlled pharma and healthcare centre at Findel airport. Additionally, as Laurent Jossart, executive vice president of Luxair Cargo, points out, “being positioned in the center of Europe is very beneficial logistically. Luxembourg can serve as a good entry and exit point for Europe. Secondly, the infrastructure developed here in Luxembourg is of very high-quality with all the facilities in place to run a cargo business.” Hendrik Kühne, secretary general of the Luxembourg Pharmaceutical Association (APL), affirms the point, noting that “Some of our members have started to run significant logistics operations from Luxembourg, covering Europe, Africa, and even Asia from their local distribution center here.”



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