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Elena Strapkova Boydova – Country Director, Biogen Slovakia

elena-strapkova-boydova-country-director-biogen-slovakiaBiogen Slovakia's Country Director on being an innovative global biotech in Slovakia, market access in the country, and the company's commitment to improving the lives of patients through MS, Alzheimer's and rare disease treatments.

Ms. Strapkova Boydova, you have been Country Director of Biogen Slovakia since its inception in 2006. Can you please tell us three to five key milestones in the affiliate’s history since then?

The reason behind Biogen’s decision to set up a footprint in our region and in our country in particular, was to ensure that patients and external stakeholders had access to multiple sclerosis products (MS) and professional medical services. In that aspect, the key milestone was achieved early in 2007 through the introduction of a highly effective breakthrough therapy in MS with the first monoclonal antibody approved for MS., natalizumab. The next milestones were achieved in 2014, when Biogen Slovakia successfully launched 2 more innovative molecules in MS, dimetyl fumarate and pegylated form of interferon beta treatment. More will come next year, as we are currently working on preparation of pricing and reimbursement file for daclizumab, the first subcutaneous form of monoclonal antibody drug in MS.



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