LifeLabs, Canada

Last updated: 13.02.2014

lifelabs-logo.jpgLifeLabs provides laboratory testing services, which help physicians and other healthcare providers in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease and illness in patients. 

Each year, LifeLabs provides more than 50 million laboratory tests to over 10 million patients and nearly 20,000 physicians in Canada.

Their tests help to:

  • Determine health risks and preventive steps
  • Diagnose diseases and detect the onset of disease
  • Identify suitable treatments and possible reactions
  • Monitor and adjust treatment

LifeLabs also provides access to specialized clinical tests used to detect cancer, monitor heart disease, identify neurological disorders, and pinpoint individual allergies, among other things.

The company’s more than 3000 professionally-trained staff, conveniently-located Patient Service Centres and extensive network of couriers and mobile phlebotomists enable them to deliver care at home, in the community and across Canada.

At every step in the testing process, from collection to reporting, the goal is to deliver caring, compassionate, quality service that contributes to enhanced patient care.



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