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Address: al. Sikorskiego 11 lok. 96,02-758 Warszawa

Tel: +48 22 436 54 59


Company description

PharmaExpert’s motto is „Addicted to EXCELLENCE”. Our goal is to create innovative and unique solutions. All of our activities are focused on continuous improvements of business process, optimization and increasing of our Customer’s effectiveness in area of management, marketing and sales.

Our experts team consists of consultants with multi-year experience, e.g. GMs in IMS, MDM, Dendrite, Cegedim; sales, marketing and SFE management in pharmaceutical companies, management from Infarma and NFZ (National Health Fund). Our production center holds ISO certification.

PharmaExpert was founded in 2003. We specialize in information directly from pharmacies and innovative analytical tools which allow fast and effective analyses. We continuously analyze all important trends on Polish healthcare market. Some of the our research results are regularly published in leading professional and general media.

We are proud to be trusted by over 110 Customers including multinationals and Polish companies.

Wide range of PharmaExpert’s information allow our Clients to monitor and analyze eg. pharmacy sell in, sell out, stock and many others. Our customers can quickly react on new business situations and continuously monitor effectiveness of their activities (eg. TV campaigns, trade marketing, sales force). We are the only which are able – thanks to our tools and infrastructure – to deliver daily data from pharmacies just next day. Through one of our service – PatientExpress – our clients have access to sales data from last day, next day at 9 am.
Our information is representative for all products available in pharmacies (including Rx, OTC, supplements and other).

PharmaExpert creates standards in the area called by us „pharma excellence” (combines ideas of sales force effectiveness and marketing excellence). We support our Customers in their managerial decisions. Our services allow to orientate in actual business status of company but also to track the reasons and prepare appropriate reactions (Excellencer, RepExpert, Profiler).

Products and services

PharmaExpert’s daily information is the fastest pharmacy data service on the market. Data source: 2000+ pharmacies. Information available next day. Service is delivered based on on-line analytical tool which allow to optimize time needed for analyses and suport effective utilisation of information. PatientExpress may include base sell-out information (eg. sell out: volume & value, numeric distribution of sales) or full range of other variables (between others: sell in volume & value, numeric distribution of purchase, stock, numeric distribution of stock). We monitor all available products in pharmacies – presently over 100 000 SKUs.



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