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Pharma Stories & Articles


Indian Biosimilars: Going Global

Deloitte predicts that the global market for biosimilars will reach between USD 25 and 35 billion by 2020, driven by some key global biologic drugs facing loss of exclusivity in the next few years and an increasing global focus on …


The Big Chill: Temperature-Sensitive Pharma Logistics in Brazil

When combining the sheer size of Brazil – the fifth largest country in the world – with its tropical climate, its largely perfectible infrastructure, and the soaring importance of temperature sensitive biologicals, one understands the urgent need to develop solutions …


Brazilian Pharma: An Industry on a High

“Brazil undoubtedly holds great development opportunities for the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industries,” boldly states Minister of Health Ricardo Barros, “and we hope to gain the trust of an increasing number of international investors and jointly work on improving the …


Natural Products and Supplements in Serbia: A Growth Spot

In a market environment that, up until recently, has been severely difficult for producers of chemical pharmaceutical products to operate in, three enterprising Serbian companies – Pharmanova, INNventa and Esensa – have found success by stepping up their offering in …


India: Still a Land of Opportunity for MNCs

For multinational companies, despite ‘pharmerging markets’ not holding the hype and allure they once did, India still stands as a land of opportunity for a variety of reasons. Novartis India country president Jawed Zia points out that “India, in terms …


Market Access in Serbia: Steps in the Right Direction

Between 2010 and 2012 just one of the 139 new medicines to receive market authorisations globally was approved for reimbursement in Serbia, compared with 44 in Bulgaria and 27 in Croatia; meaning a severe lack of patient access to much-needed …


Switzerland: The Advent of Drone Delivery

As the spotlight turns towards optimising supply and delivery chains in pharma logistics, Swiss Post has distinguished itself as one of the early movers in trialling autonomous drone logistics for commercial purposes. In March 2017, the company and its partner, …


Québec’s Healthcare Exceptionalism

The government of the French-speaking Canadian province of Québec stands out for undertaking healthcare reforms while appreciating the need to join hands with industry when it comes to the promotion of health innovation. “Quebec has the most aggressive approach of …


FarmaMondo: Bringing Responsible Access Global

With two billion people globally – predominantly in low and middle-income countries – having little or no access to medicine, a select group of service providers have emerged to try and further dialogue between pharmaceutical companies, regulators, healthcare professionals and …


UK Life Sciences Firms Struggle in Post-Brexit War for EU Talent

UK pharmaceutical and biotech companies are already finding it increasingly difficult to attract talent from overseas. Additionally, UK firms are looking to poach EMA staff as it heads to Amsterdam from London following Brexit. Following the Brexit vote, the UK …


MNCs’ Healthcare Access Initiatives in India

With the Indian public healthcare apparatus straining at the seams to provide affordable access to treatments to the country’s vast population, two pioneering pharmaceutical multinationals – Novartis and Janssen – have stepped up with innovative initiatives to fill the gaps. …


Indian Pharma Manufacturing: Serving the World

Indian pharma production is growing rapidly – boosted by the Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ campaign – and both Indian companies and multinationals implanted in the world’s second most populous nation are responding to the drastic need for quality, affordable …




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