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Pharma Stories & Articles


FarmaMondo: Bringing Responsible Access Global

With two billion people globally – predominantly in low and middle-income countries – having little or no access to medicine, a select group of service providers have emerged to try and further dialogue between pharmaceutical companies, regulators, healthcare professionals and …


UK Life Sciences Firms Struggle in Post-Brexit War for EU Talent

UK pharmaceutical and biotech companies are already finding it increasingly difficult to attract talent from overseas. Additionally, UK firms are looking to poach EMA staff as it heads to Amsterdam from London following Brexit. Following the Brexit vote, the UK …


MNCs’ Healthcare Access Initiatives in India

With the Indian public healthcare apparatus straining at the seams to provide affordable access to treatments to the country’s vast population, two pioneering pharmaceutical multinationals – Novartis and Janssen – have stepped up with innovative initiatives to fill the gaps. …


Indian Pharma Manufacturing: Serving the World

Indian pharma production is growing rapidly – boosted by the Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ campaign – and both Indian companies and multinationals implanted in the world’s second most populous nation are responding to the drastic need for quality, affordable …


Merck and NHS England Unveil New MS Collaboration in London

Belén Garijo, global CEO of Merck Healthcare, speaking this month at the FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference, ‘Thriving Amid Uncertainty’, in London, underlined the significance of Merck’s new deal with NHS England for its innovative new multiple sclerosis (MS) …


Bulgaria: An Emerging Clinical Research Hub

Clinical research is one of the main areas of investment from research-based pharmaceutical companies into Bulgaria and the country is positioning itself as a clinical trials hub for the entire CEE region. Furthermore, the Bulgarian government has shown great willingness …


EMA Headquarters to Move to Amsterdam

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), the EU body responsible for the evaluation of medicinal products for use within the European Union, concluded a vote on Monday evening in Brussels following three rounds of voting. “We are delighted, it was very …


Gender Diversity in Indian Pharma

India could boost its GDP by USD 0.7 trillion in 2025 by matching the rate of improvement of gender equality of the leading country in its region. Despite the prevalence of gender disparity in India, where only two percent of …


Ukraine: Outsourcing Public Procurement

Ukraine’s bold decision to outsource public procurement of medicines to international agencies to combat rampant corruption has been well received by the pharma MNCs operational in the country, but faces criticism from domestic players. “Healthcare procurement was widely considered as …


Canada: Safeguarding Generics

With cost-cutting measures exacerbating an already fraught regulatory process, the Canadian generics industry is facing somewhat of an existential crisis. However, within this difficult market environment, enterprising generics companies are still seeing significant opportunities for growth. “Sometimes it seems as …


Colombia: The Great Indian Investment Wave

With the onset of universal public healthcare, new types of foreign actors have been spying fresh opportunities to penetrate the Colombian market. Inward investment from India, in particular, has been increasing year on year, while the number of government sponsored …


Tunisia: Diabetes on the Rise

Diabetes is an important problem in Tunisia, with prevalence is expected to increase over the coming years. Jean-Francois Courtet, general manager of Novo Nordisk in Tunisia, points out rgar “diabetes is the second largest cause of death in Tunisia”. Moez …




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