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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Stories & Articles


Global Trends in Pharma Logistics

“As logistics companies, we operate at the center of an eco-system that gathers our customers’ manufacturing facilities, their medical and sales departments, and their customers.”


Emerging Asia: Leading the Digital Charge

Despite underdevelopment in many facets; Southeast Asia is actually at the forefront of a digital revolution in healthcare; with digital solutions helping bring about more efficient, cost-effective, and tailored patient care. “Cloud-based technology, mobile enablement and fees for service models …


Singaporean Logistics: Taking Pharma to New Heights

Singapore’s location at the heart of the APAC region, expertise in logistics and cold chain management, and smart investment in infrastructure has helped make the Lion City an indisputable global heavyweight in pharma logistics. “From a logistics standpoint, Singapore serves …


Ireland’s Indigenous Companies Growing Into Their Own

The strong flow of FDI into Ireland has led to a vibrant ecosystem of Irish service providers, who have grown up servicing the needs of pharma MNCs. Working for FDI clients has put Irish companies to the test and pushed …


Asia-Pacific Healthcare: Managing Diversity

The Asia-Pacific region is a vast geographic area, home to almost half of the world’s population and numerous emerging and developed markets with great investment potential for healthcare and life sciences companies. However, the degree of diversity within Asia-Pacific creates …


Blazing Trails: Where Luxembourg Leads the Way

Despite its miniscule size, Luxembourg has managed to specialize in three key areas and now has a strong claim to be a global leader in personalized healthcare, e-health and data security, and pharma logistics and air freight. “In championing personalized …


PharmaBoardroom Best of 2016

2016 has been a great year for PharmaBoardroom, with interviews from global CEOs and ministers, groundbreaking country reports on some of the world’s key pharma markets, and insightful articles which get to the heart of the sector’s key issues. Stay …


Luxembourg: A Healthcare Logistics Leader

Sound infrastructure, a prime location in the heart of Europe, government support, and an unwavering focus on quality are all helping make the tiny principality of Luxembourg a serious player in global healthcare logistics. “Some high ranked senior logistics executives from …


Pure Play vs. Diversification

“We are witnessing many instances where pharma companies are shrinking to grow.”


The Servier Way

Shedding light on the unique business model of French pharma’s most successful mid-cap. Not long ago, Laboratories Servier was considered a somewhat mysterious and opaque actor on the world pharmaceuticals stage. Privately owned, smaller and sleeker than many of its …


Size Matters Less in Slovakia

Pharma companies in Slovakia are managing to circumvent the problems inherent in the size of the local market by focusing on the country’s advantages in market access and regional leadership, as well as through joining together with affiliates in neighboring …


Navigating Healthcare Budget Cuts in Mexico

“80 percent of our health expenditures are used to treat only 20 percent of the Mexican population”




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