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Energy Boardroom

Pharma Stories & Articles


FDA New Drug Approvals 2017

In 2016, rumours of a weakening FDA followed a disappointing 16 new drugs approved for the full year. However, since the beginning of 2017 the FDA has approved 26 drugs; double the amount of the mid-year average since 2007. “The …


Kobe: A Center of Excellence for Biomedical Innovation

Kenichi Tamiya, director for Biomedical Policy at the Kobe City Government and managing director of the Kobe Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation (FBRI), discusses the central Japanese city of Kobe’s significant potential as a cutting-edge R&D hub for both …


The Evolution of Algeria’s Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals System

This chart shows how Algeria’s pharmaceuticals and healthcare system has evolved over time; from the creation of the Algerian Central Pharmacy (PCA) back in 1962, all the way to the implementation of the ANPP in 2017. Click here to download …


Under the Skin of Success: Expanscience’s Mexican Strategy

Cédric Ertlé, general manager of Laboratoires Expanscience Mexico, explains how he has spearheaded his affiliate to remarkable growth in both the dermo-cosmetics and rheumatological segments. “There are 11 million Mexicans suffering from arthritis and only one million of them are …


Promoting Japanese Bio-industry Innovation

Prof. Yoshiaki Tsukamoto, executive director of the Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA), talked exclusively to PharmaBoardroom at the BIO 2017 conference in San Diego on the role of his organization within Japan and his mission to instill a start-up culture within …


Clinical Research in Mexico: Trials and Tribulations

According to a recent World Health Organization study, countries must allocate at least six percent of their GDP to research and development to be considered to have a healthy investment in this area. As Mexico currently only invests 1.8 percent …


Mexican Medtech: A Well Oiled Machine?

Mexico’s medical device segment displays promising growth indicators, with innovative companies providing integrated and digital solutions now firmly embedded within the healthcare landscape. However, regulatory obstacles as well as a lack of joined-up thinking in the public sector remain in …


Italian Switzerland: Creativity & Excellence

“Ticino is really a perfect example of the excellence of Swiss SMEs in the pharma industry, as this canton with a population of only 330,000 has a pharmaceutical industry which collectively produces over CHF 2.3 billion (USD 2.3 billion) worth of pharmaceuticals and employs well over 2,000 people.”
Stefano Rizzi, Ticino Department of Economy & Finance


The Power of Taiwanese Technology

“Taiwan needs to be a pioneer in a way that goes beyond technology, which requires developing and implementing new business models that will allow our companies to rapidly stand out from the international competition.”


A New Horizon for Greek Logistics

Pharmaceutical logistics companies in Greece have had to work hard and innovatively to emerge from the debt crisis; focusing on leveraging international connections and maintaining quality to stay profitable. Now however, major new international investment into the port of Piraeus …


Ipsen: A Track Record of Excellence in Ireland

These are exciting times for Ipsen in Ireland, with plans to expand the company’s already significant API manufacturing footprint to deal with increasing global demand for its products. “Sales from [Somatuline® (lanreotide) and Decapeptyl® (triptorelin)] amounted to over EUR 700 …


Swiss Biotech’s Funding Quandary

“Access to funding is critical for innovative biotech startups, and the Swiss funding landscape is very fragmented”
Martin Rohrbach, KPMG




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