PharmaBoardroom had the opportunity to sit down with over six hundred key stakeholders in the life sciences industry across fifteen different countries in 2019. The culmination of time spent in these countries and the insights gained from the interviews we conducted resulted in the publishing of thirteen country reports. Here we present the most sought-after Healthcare & Life Sciences Review reports of the year.




From the world’s ninth largest pharma market in 2007 to its second-biggest merely 12 years later, China and its growth story are impossible to ignore. China now accounts for a significant share of revenues for most major multinational pharmaceutical companies and almost 40 percent of total global venture capital investment across all industries in 2018. Further, China now has ambitions to become a global biotechnology powerhouse – a push supported by the state. This report examines the welter of healthcare reforms that have been rolled out over the past decade and the significant changes yet to come. It also looks at the biotech boom taking off in the country and the swathe of major MNC talent returning to China to be a part of it. Part II of the China report takes a deeper look at potential and opportunities on the horizon: the waves of overseas returnees repatriating decades of experience in top pharma companies and biotechs, known as the so-called ‘sea turtles’; the budding capital markets unfurling their increasing interest in the sector; and the most pro-innovation regulatory environment the industry has seen practically since inception.






After a period of relative stagnation, France’s USD 65 billion healthcare and life sciences market is once again an attractive investment proposition. With Brexit uncertainties across the channel and populist tendencies souring the prospects of some of its neighbours, France – under the business-minded administration of President Emmanuel Macron – has been rapidly climbing investor priority rankings. Our France report features the exclusive comments of key stakeholders across the French healthcare value chain, including the global heads of French heavyweights Ipsen and Sanofi Pasteur, as well as government ministers, regulators, heads of pharma MNC affiliates, and representatives from the medtech and biotech industries. Part II of the France report highlights how national champions such as Servier, Pierre Fabre and Ipsen are striking significant partnership deals and internationalizing rapidly, creating a mood of optimism throughout the French industry; France’s burgeoning medtech sector; the struggles facing generics companies implanted in France and why many are moving towards biosimilars; and a renaissance in French manufacturing. We also take a look at some of the industry’s hottest trends, including the intersection between artificial intelligence and healthcare and the French firms pushing forward the frontiers of cell and gene therapy and CAR-T.




Having largely recovered from the impact of the global financial crisis and with several impressive fundamentals in place, Spain once again stands as one of Europe’s premier healthcare and life science investment destinations. This report features Spain as a high-quality yet affordable manufacturing base that has already attracted big-ticket industrial investments from the likes of Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim and Bayer, and a budding reputation as one of the best clinical trials destinations on the continent. The Spanish healthcare system, increasingly embracing innovative digital solutions, is ranked the seventh best on the planet by the WHO, which in turn helps Spain rank second in Europe for life expectancy and fourth globally. Part II of the Spain report zeroes in on Spain’s move towards a value-based healthcare model and how public and private actors are interacting to create innovative and digital solutions, as well as how the region of Catalonia is forging ahead in healthcare innovation, and why Spain is increasingly a happy hunting ground for resourceful generics firms.




One of the indisputable economic success stories of the last half-century, South Korea now stands as the world’s 11th largest economy, with a reputation for industrial excellence and innovation. As the Korean state shifts its focus towards healthcare and the life sciences and Korean firms begin to internationalize with greater purpose, the attentions of the global investment community are being held evermore by a country that is thinking big. Our Korea report outlines how the country’s high-quality healthcare infrastructure and a rapidly ageing populace have led several pharma MNCs to bring some of the world’s most advanced medicines to Korea ahead of schedule. Additionally, President Moon Jae-In’s ‘Mooncare’ reforms aim to expand healthcare coverage to cover 70 percent of patients’ costs and expand reimbursement to previously uncovered treatments. This stands as a boon for both patients and, potentially, for industry players as demand for medical services increases and widening reimbursement introduces new opportunities.



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