Commission des Affaires Sociales de l’Assemblée Nationale

(Commission of Social Affairs, National Assembly)


Key People:

Brigitte Bourguignon, Chairwoman

Olivier Véran, General Reporter

The Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly is one of the eight standing committees of the French National Assembly. The areas of competence of the Social Affairs Committee are employment and industrial relations, vocational training, health and solidarity, persons older persons, persons with disabilities, the family, social protection, social security financing laws and supervision of their application and integration and equal opportunities.

Missions & Responsibilities 

• In charge of the examination of the bill of security financing (PLFSS).
• Examine texts relating to the following topics:
– employment and labour relations
– professional training
– health and solidarity
– the elderly
– People with Disabilities
– family; social protection
– social security financing laws and control over their
– insertion and equal opportunities


Commission des Affaires Sociales du Sénat

(Commission of Social Affairs of the Senate)


Key People:

Alain Milon

The area of competence of the Committee on Social Affairs of the Senate includes labour law and vocational training, health, family policy, social security, social aid and action, solidarity and disability policy, as well as sectors of social housing, overseas and veterans. It is also responsible each year for the examination of the Social Security Financing Bill.


Missions & Responsibilities 

• In charge of the social security financing bill (PLFSS).
• Examine texts relating to the following topics:
– Social insurance, old-age insurance (unemployment insurance
only for the Commission of the Council of States)
– Welfare
– Social policy of the family
– Health system, health policy, health promotion,
prevention of accidents and diseases
– Therapeutic products
– Narcotics and addictive substances
– Foodstuffs (health protection) and poison



Office Parlementaire d’Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques (OPECST)

(Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices)


Key People:

Gérard Longuet

OPECST acts as the intermediary between the parliamentary world and the world of research. Created by law, the Office is a common information body for the National Assembly and the Senate.

Composed of 18 deputies and 18 senators, its purpose is, “to inform the Parliament of the consequences of scientific and technological choices in order, in particular, to inform its decisions”. It thus enables Parliament to have the expertise to inform long-term political choices.

Missions & Responsibilities 

  • Inform Parliament of the consequences of science and technology in order, inter alia, to shed light on its decisions.
  •  Gather information, implement programs studies and carry out evaluations.
  • Examples of the OPECST reports: “digital at the service of health” (May 2015),  “Biosimilars” (May 2015), “vaccine adjuvants: a controversial issue” (February 2015), “health and environmental risks in France and Europe” (November 2018)



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