Representative Organisations and Forums of the Pharmaceutical Industry


LEEM – Les Entreprises du Médicament

(Drug Companies)


Key people:

Philippe Tcheng, President

Philippe Lamoureux, Director

LEEM is the French industry association which represents drug companies operating in France and is the most powerful professional organization of drug companies operating in the country.

They represent more than 260 member companies, which account for nearly 98% of the total turnover of drugs in France.

LEEM also anticipates and analyzes the qualitative and quantitative evolution of trades and employment, and assists companies in setting up and sourcing talent with the right skills.

  • Anticipate and analyze the qualitative and quantitative evolution trades and employment.
  • Accompany companies in setting up and assistance in skill management.
  • Provide information to those companies on the definition of policy skills, employment and training 
  • Provide elements to adapt the supply of training in qualitative and quantitative needs.

Read our recent interview with Philippe Lamoureux.



FEFIS – Fédération française des industries de santé

(French Federation of Health Industries)


Key People:

Jean-Luc Belingard

FEFIS is the representative body of health organizations in France.

Created in 1975, the French Federation of Health Industries – FEFIS – brings together nine professional organizations representing companies that create, manufacture or distribute health products covering the entire care pathway: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and compensation for disability.

International leaders, ETI, SME or TPE, the 3,100 member companies of organizations grouped within the FEFIS total 90 billion euros in turnover and 455,000 direct and associated jobs.


Missions & Responsibilities

  • Represent the health industry at MEDEF – (The Mouvement des Entreprises de France, or the Movement of the Enterprises of France, is the largest employer federation in France.)
  • Promote quality know-how French industries of health products, and their contribution to the better health of citizens.
  • Represent and defend the interests of health industries with the public authorities French, European and international trade unions and associations, Federations of other industrial sectors, and media.
  • Participate and animate the debate and reflection related to issues of the health industries: structuring and problems of the sector, attractiveness and competitiveness of the sector, innovation of the sector, quality and security of the sector

FEFIS Members:

  • Association of Professionals of Dental Manufacturing and Distribution –COMIDENT
  • Group of Small and Medium-sized Production and Service Companies for Pharmacy and Health –  FACOPHAR HEALTH
  • Group of Manufacturers and Manufacturers of Optics – GIFO
  • Drug Companies – LEEM
  • National Federation of Pharmaceutical Depositories – LOG SANTE
  • Syndicate of In Vitro Diagnostic Industry –  SIDIV
  • Union of the Organic Chemical Industry of Synthesis and Biochemistry – SICOS
  • National Union of Medical Technologies Industry – SNITEM
  • Professional Union of Industrial Subcontractors of Health – SPIS

Read our recent interview with Jean-Luc Belingard.



CSIS – Comité Stratégique des Industries de Santé

(Strategic Committee of Health Industries)


Key People:

Jean-Luc Belingard

Created in 2004 and placed under the aegis of the Prime Minister, the Strategic Council of Health Industries (CSIS) is a forum for dialogue between the state and the health industries. It allows governments to better understand the constraints, challenges and ambitions of the health products industry, and industry to perceive the requirements of different public policies to adapt their business strategies.


Missions & Responsibilities

  • Commit public and industrial authorities to a strategic vision for the health industry.
  • Offer thematic workshops for health stakeholders. A recent example: “French MedTech and biotech sectors highly innovative and 100% mobilized on the challenges of the future: how does France intend to promote innovations in health?” — Workshop chaired by Delphine Gény Stephann, Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy and Finance.


CSF – Comité Stratégique de Filière

(The strategic sector committees)


Key People:

Jean-Luc Belingard


The Health CSF brings together representatives of industry players, companies or industrial federations, representatives of trade union organisations, the various administrations concerned and industry experts in the human and veterinary drug, medical device, medical diagnostic, biotechnology and e-health businesses.

The committee identifies the key objectives of the industry and the corresponding commitments of the industry and state in order to propose concrete actions and monitor their implementation.


Missions & Responsibilities 

  • Bolster the attractiveness of France as a place of research and development for the health industries.
  • Simplify market access for innovative products.
  • Increase the share of production of health products in France and Europe and facilitate the emergence of new sectors.
  • To serve the “Better Heal” strategy for foreign trade.
  • Improve the efficiency of the health care system.



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