DSS Direction de la Sécurité
(Department of Social Security)


Key People:

Director General
Mathilde Lignot-Leloup

The Directorate of Social Security (DSS) supervises all social security organizations: general scheme funds, basic scheme funds of independent professions other than agricultural, or special schemes funds. It also participates in the supervision of complementary protection organizations and mutual societies and works in conjunction with these organizations.

Missions & Responsibilities

  • Ensure the adequacy of services Social Security with the needs of the population, while ensuring the financial equilibrium of resources.
  • Ensure the guardianship of Social Security.
  • Participate in the monitoring of protection organizations complementary and mutuality.
  • Develop and implement policies relating to the coverage of old age, sickness, family and accident at work/illness professional.
  • Piloting the PLFSS  (the Social Security Financing Bill).
  • Implementation of measures decided by the family conference.
  • Preparation of the reports of the Committee on social security accounts.
  • Preparation and monitoring of objectives conventions and management.
  • Improved service to users.
  • Negotiation of international commitments France in the field of social security.
  • Development of new technologies (vital card, teletransmission, forms in line, etc.)

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CNAMTS – Caisse Nationale de l’Assurance Maladie des Travailleurs Salariés

(National Health Insurance Fund Salaried Workers)

Key People:

Nicolas Revel
Director General

The National Fund for Employee Workers’ Health Insurance (CNAMTS) manages the sickness (sickness, maternity, invalidity, death) and occupational accidents/diseases (AT-MP) branches of the general social security scheme.

Missions & Responsibilities 

  • Define the orientations, principles and objectives that guide its action and that of the Health Insurance in general.
  • Ensure the implementation of agreements between UNCAM and the representative unions of the different health professions. 
  • Develop medical control of health expenditure.
  • Define and promote the prevention of illness, occupational accidents and
    occupational diseases.
  • Organize and direct the medical service of the general insurance scheme



UNOCAM – Union Nationale des Organismes d’Assurance Maladie Complémentaire

(National Union of Health Insurance Organizations – complementary)


Key people:

Maurice Ronat

The National Union of Supplementary Health Insurance Organizations (UNOCAM) represents, through its members, all operators in complementary health insurance: mutuals, insurance companies, provident institutions and the local insurance scheme.

Missions & Responsibilities

  • Examine with the National Union of Health Unions (UNCAM) annual negotiation programs with professionals from health.
  • Determine with UNCAM the risk management actions.
  • Represent operators at the Economic Committee for Health Products and
    at the Institute of Health Data.
  • Participate in negotiations with health professionals.



UNCAM – Union Nationale des Caisses d’Assurance Maladie

(National Union of Health Insurance Funds)


Key People:

Nicolas Revel
Director General

The National Union of Health Insurance Funds (UNCAM) includes the three main health insurance schemes: the general health insurance scheme (CNAMTS), the agricultural regime (Mutualité Sociale Agricole – MSA), the Independent Regime (Régime des indépendants RSI).

Decisions are made within a college comprising the directors of the three main regimes (General Regime, MSA, RSI), the director of the CNAMTS being the managing director. He is assisted by a board of 18 members from the three schemes (CNAMTS, CCMSA, RSI). The council deliberates on the guidelines for negotiations with the unions of liberal health professionals as well as the proposals “charges and products” of health insurance before the government prepares the draft Social Security Financing Law of the next year. It issues simple opinions on draft laws and decrees.

Missions & Responsibilities 

  • Define the scope of benefits eligible for reimbursement.
  • Set the rate of care support.



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